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Videos sponsored by a local law firm dedicated to helping Sonoma County rebuild and recover. will be adding multiple videos weekly in order to help victims of the Sonoma County Fires who have lost their homes. Please check back often for new videos and Sonoma County Fire / PG&E Lawsuits, News and Information.

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For The Victims of the California Fires

As Sonoma County residents we vividly remember as a massive fire ripped through our town, destroying thousands of homes and taking lives. Now, just 13 months later, PG&E has burned other towns, displaced thousands and killed hundreds of people in Butte County. All of this death and destruction was rained down on us from a multi billion dollar private corporation.

Enough is enough. Did you lose your home to the Camp Fire? Were you injured? Did you lose your business? Was a loved one killed? What are you going to do? Look the other way so their Executives can get another bonus?

No. The time has come to rise up. PG&E cannot continue to cause untold suffering and misery to tens of thousands of people just to bolster profits or stock prices. The only way this Corporation will learn to stop is to lose their profits and Executive bonuses.

We also recognize that you need help, and you need it immediately. We will have many videos and other information on this website to help you navigate through many of the common questions surrounding insurance, employment and rebuilding

Call us anytime at 707-999-9999.

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