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Many of the attorneys advertising for cases in Sonoma County / Santa Rosa are not local, or they have limited experience or success. Choosing the right lawyer, that is from our community, is one of the most important decisions you can make about your case. When you meet with us, you’ll feel the difference in your gut.
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Latest North Bay Fires / PG & E Lawsuit News:

Sonoma County Fire Update: Investigation into Cause of Tubbs Fire, Most Destructive of North Bay Fires, Remains Ongoing - September 24, 2018
Sonoma County PG&E Fires Update: California Assembly, Senate Pass Last-Minute PG&E Fire Bailout - September 4, 2018
North Bay Fires News: PG&E Filings Reveal Intentions to Recoup North Bay Fire Lossess Through Rate Hikes - August 29, 2018
North Bay Fires News: PG&E Provides Details on North Bay Fire Claims in Report to SEC - August 29, 2018
North Bay Fires News: PG&E ‘Bailout’ Proposals Get New Life in Sacramento - August 28, 2018
California Fires Lawsuit News: NM AG Sues PG&E Over Alleged Misrepresentation of North Bay Fire Losses - August 23, 2018
North Bay Fires Update: Erin Brockovich Joins Voices Opposing PG&E ‘Bailout’ Over October 2017 Fires - September 24, 2018
North Bay Fires Update: California Lawmakers Drop PG&E North Bay Fire Bailout Efforts - September 24, 2018

Latest Nursing Home Lawsuit News:

Nursing Home Lawsuit News: Texas Nursing Homes Appeal Wrongful Death Suit to State Supreme Court - September 24, 2018
Nursing Home Lawsuit News: Woman Can Sue Nursing Home for Not Stopping Homophobic Abuse, 7th Circuit Says - August 29, 2018
California Nursing Home Lawsuit News: California Appellate Court Rules Nursing Home Arbitration Agreement Invalid - August 20, 2018

Latest Car Accident Lawsuit News:

Car Accident Lawsuit Settlement: Nationwide Insurance Improperly Altered Settlement Terms, Appellate Court Finds - August 29, 2018
Car Accident Lawsuit Update: CA Supreme Court Upholds Toyota Victory in Tacoma Rollover Case - August 29, 2018

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Sonoma County Fire: Rebuild & Recover Videos are intended to help the residents of Sonoma County who lost their homes in the fires. Informative videos will be added weekly so check back often for some very important information.
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