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PG&E Has Not Accepted Responsibilty for 2017 or 2018 Fires

Breaking! PG&E Camp Fire Court Order

While we still await the final official report from Cal Fire as to the cause of the Tubbs Fire, we believe that the evidence will conclusively show that PG&E is liable for both the fires in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties in 2017 and the 2018 Camp Fire. For those of you who have been waiting over a year to hear what will happen to your Tubbs fire case, what effect will the Camp Fire have on your case?

It’s difficult to predict. PG&E has not accepted responsibility for either fire. In the absence of a formal finding as to the cause, or any jury finding them liable yet, we don’t know when, or if, they will ever accept responsibility. There’s an argument to be made that, given that the cost of the Tubbs fire can be passed onto the ratepayers in California, PG&E will come to the negotiating table. On the other hand, the billions of additional dollars they will owe the residents of Butte County may cause PG&E to drag both matters out either further. Of course, if the combination of these fires pushes PG&E into bankruptcy, the fires will be intertwined to the detriment of all who lost homes, businesses and loved ones.

We have been telling our clients that these cases will be a long haul. It would be nice to think that PG&E will keep the fires separate and start to compensate those in Sonoma County, as folks burned out by the Tubbs fire have already been waiting more than a year. However, it is just too early for us to say what impact the Camp Fire will have on PG&E. We intend to continue pressing them and will pursue justice, regardless of the timeline.

Latest North Bay Fires / PG & E Lawsuit News:

California Fires: PG&E Ordered to Explain Any Role It Had In The Camp and Tubbs Fires - November 29, 2018

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California Fire: Rebuild Video Series

Sonoma County Fire: Rebuild & Recover Videos are intended to help the residents of Sonoma County who lost their homes in the fires. Informative videos will be added weekly so check back often for some very important information.
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