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Looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you are reading this, either you have been accused of a crime in Sonoma County or you think you might be. If you have never been charged with a crime before, you are probably not sure where to start.  You may even assume you don’t need a lawyer. The fact is, you need a criminal defense lawyer so that you may reduce, or even eliminate, charges or punishment. Those of you who have needed a criminal defense lawyer in the past know the value in hiring a skilled attorney. 

Either way, why should you consider hiring Ben Adams as your criminal defense lawyer?  Here are nine reasons:

1.     In 2016, the readers of the Bohemian voted Ben the best criminal defense lawyer in Sonoma County.  He knows what he is doing.

2.     Ben has concentrated his practice for over 20 years on criminal defense.  He has tried well over 100 criminal jury trials – everything from driving offenses to cold case murder.  He knows how to analyze a case and help you get the best possible outcome.

3.     Ben is familiar with the local court system - he has appeared in front of every judge many times.  He knows the DA’s and how to negotiate with them.

4.     He understands that everyone has a different priority.  For some clients, avoiding prison is enough.  For others, just being convicted can ruin their lives.  He always asks what your priority is and does all he can to help you achieve that result.

5.     He is accessible.  You can never forget 707-999-9999. That number is almost always answered and Ben is available for his clients.

6.     He has an excellent support staff.  Anyone who has ever worked with Allie knows she is the finest criminal office manager in the County.  A law student herself, Allie is dedicated to the firm’s criminal defense clients. 

7.      He’ll be honest with you.  If you are facing the full might of the State you need a lawyer who can honestly assess the evidence against you and give it to you straight.  It serves you no good to hire a lawyer who either doesn’t know how to read the situation or isn’t brave enough to be honest with you.

8.      He cares.  Ben isn’t a criminal defense lawyer for no reason.  He genuinely distrusts the Government and he is fully aware of the power of the State to ruin lives.  He isn’t afraid of the State and he isn’t just going through the motions.

9.     His fees are reasonable.  No competent lawyer is going to be cheap but Ben works hard to charge a fair fee.  Satisfied clients are his greatest sources of referrals.

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We work hard at Adams Fietz to obtain fair and meaningful settlements for our clients.

Since 2009, we’ve secured for our clients:

$73,700,000.00 in cases involving pharmaceutical products

$11,246,446.00 in wrongful death cases – including a single settlement for $10,646,446, the largest in Sonoma County history

$11,200,000.00 in class action cases

$8,611,666.00 in cases involving car and motorcycle accidents

$1,750,000.00 in cases involving defective products

$1,000,001.00 in cases of nursing home abuse

$1,250,000.00 in cases involving other kinds of accidents and injuries

At Adams Fietz, we’re proud to deliver justice to our clients. We work tirelessly to fight for you, your family, your health, and for the fair compensation you deserve.

Our headquarters is in Santa Rosa, in beautiful Sonoma County, California, and we’re licensed to practice law in California; Washington, D.C.; Alaska; and British Columbia, Canada.

On a weekday afternoon on Highway 116 in Cotati, California, Maria Juana Flores turned on to Madrone Road so she could pick up her kids from school. Out of nowhere, her Honda was rammed from behind by a car driven by Gilbert Freeth of Huntington Beach, CA. The impact sent Flores’ car into the path of an oncoming semi truck. She was killed instantly in the horrific crash.

In an instant, two children lost their mother, and Jaime Flores lost his wife.

A jury found Gilbert Freeth 75 percent liable for Maria Flores’ death. The same jury found that Caltrans – the California Department of Transportation – was 25 percent responsible for her death.

Why was Caltrans partly liable for Maria Flores’s death? Because, as the jury found, Caltrans engineers knew very well that the intersection of Highway 116 and Madrone Avenue was unsafe. As far back as 1998, Caltrans had planned to construct a dedicated left-turn lane. But they never built it.

Maria Flores paid for Caltrans’s incompetence and poor judgment with her life.

The $2 million that Caltrans was obligated to pay to the Floreses represents 25 percent of the $10.6 million total verdict, as determined by the jury. To this day, that $10.6 verdict remains the largest in Sonoma County history for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Eleanor Buckingham died as a result of complications from that cellulitis that the staff at Emeritus downplayed and ignored. She was transferred to an assisted living facility, a move that represented a decline in the level of care she received. It’s no coincidence that Eleanor’s move occurred exactly when Medicare stopped paying for the more expensive care she could have received at Emeritus.

Nine weeks later, when she was finally rushed to the hospital, it was too late. Eleanor died of severe end-stage sepsis – a fully avoidable and preventable condition.

In securing a $1 million verdict for her family, Jeremy Fietz, a partner at Adams Fietz, demonstrated that the death of Eleanor Buckingham was a particularly egregious case of negligence, wrongful death, and elder abuse.

When Leilani Palmieri, the former director of the Salvation Army’s residential drug treatment program just north of Healdsburg, California, interviewed Stephen Watson, she saw the young man as “a future leader.” Though Watson – who was just 22 at the time – had completed his own six-month methamphetamine recovery program just weeks earlier, Palmieri believed she had found the right man for the job.

She was terribly, terribly wrong.

Watson turned the charitable organization into a criminal organization. He procured alcohol and prostitutes for residents, and even forced some residents – the ones he didn’t like – to leave. Watson was given great authority, and immediately proved that he was unable to handle it.

Just a few months after he was hired, Stephen Watson and six other recovering addicts drove off with a Salvation Army van, got drunk in various bars in Santa Rosa, California, and proceeded to violently beat Sean Levens, Scott Nunley, and another man who happened to be passing by.

In addition to having a history as a drug user, Watson had ties to a white supremacist gang, and he bragged about his abilities as a master manipulator.

He was, to put it bluntly, anything but a “young leader.”

Sean Levens and Scott Nunley were severely beaten in the incident, with Levens sustaining a permanent brain injury. They turned to Adams Fietz to make sure justice would be done.

It was clear to Adams Fietz partner Jeremy Fietz – just as it would have been to anyone – that Watson was to blame for the attack. But Fietz knew that there was another culpable party: The Salvation Army.

In court, Fietz called it like he saw it, likening to the Salvation Army’s decision to place Watson in a managerial role to “putting a wolf in charge of a zoo.”

The Sonoma County jury agreed with Fietz’s reasoning, finding that the Salvation Army was 80 percent to blame for the savage attack. The awards that the jury granted to Levens and Nunley amounted to more than $1 million.

Nothing can restore full health to Sean Levens and Scott Nunley, and they’ll always have their horrible memories of the vicious attack they suffered. But justice could still be served – and, thanks to the diligent efforts of the attorneys at Adams Fietz, justice was served.

On the evening of January 6, 2009, Christina Burlison used a crosswalk to cross the street at the intersection of Broadway and Sansome in San Francisco’s Financial District. All of a sudden, a taxi appeared from out of nowhere and struck her down. the accident.

Though she was treated and released from San Francisco General Hospital that same night, Burlison’s injuries were serious – and not all of them were immediately apparent to the doctors who treated her. Burlison suffered from injuries to her tailbone, a tear in the muscle of her right hip, buttock injuries, nerve damage that extended from her back to her legs, and pain and soreness all over her body. All of those injuries required extensive treatment. the accident.

The severe pain in her hip was the worst of all. That required significant surgery. While Burlison was laid up in the hospital, she lost $20,000 in wages and incurred about $80,000 in hospital bills. the accident.

The driver of the cab, Peter Coryell, maintained that Burlison’s injuries were not caused by the accident. Coryell’s employer, Desoto Cab, took his side. the accident.

Adams Fietz attorney Jeremy Fietz handled Christina Burlison’s case, which went to trial almost four years after the accident.

We’re proud to say that the jury took only two days to decide to award Christina Burlison $800,000 in damages.

One of our core principles at Adams Fietz is to serve the public good. Other lawyers are in it for the money. Not us. We want to see justice done, and we want to see people’s lives improved.

Nothing can bring back Edgar Percy-Lopez, who was killed when a car struck him in a crosswalk at a dangerous intersection in Santa Rosa, California. Edgar was only 20 years old when he was struck and killed by a pickup truck driven by Richard John Gonsalves in 2009.

When Edgar’s family turned to Jeremy Fietz of Adams Fietz for assistance, they were hoping for fair compensation – but, more than that, they were hoping to call attention to the dangers of certain of Santa Rosa’s busiest intersections.

The Perez-Lopez family was awarded a settlement of $335,000 in Edgar’s wrongful death case.

If anything good came from this tragic accident, it is the fact that the trial drew public attention to safety problems in Sonoma County’s largest city. Fietz brought up during the trial that not only did the City of Santa Rosa not have a program in place to detect power outages in municipal equipment, but that the city actually had a “streetlight reduction program” in effect in order to save money.

In the case of the intersection where Edgar Perez-Lopez was killed, residents in the vicinity had reported a broken streetlight for more than a year.

Edgar’s tragic death could have been avoided. But if his case raised awareness – even just slightly – about certain everyday hazards that could affect any one of us, then, in a way, justice was served.

In an age when complex issues frequently get reduced to “viral videos,” it’s hard to know which images to trust.

In the case of a 2014 video taken by Adams Fietz client James Wood, of Cotati, California, we think that the images speak for themselves. One look and we think you’ll agree that the police officers in the video committed a great injustice.

WARNING: This video contains footage of a violent assault, and may be upsetting to some viewers.

James Wood’s video made news all across the country. It’s been viewed on YouTube more than half a million times.

It’s worth emphasizing that Wood spoke plainly to the police when they questioned him, asserted clearly his basic rights, and informed the officers that children were present in his home.

To our eyes, that video shows a clear-cut case of an unwarranted home invasion by the police. In our opinion, the officers’ decision to force open the door to Wood’s home, as well as the one officer’s decision to fire his Taser, was inexcusable – and illegal.

Yet it was James Wood who found himself accused of a crime. Almost unbelievably, despite the evidence in the footage he shot, James Wood was accused of obstructing the police, a misdemeanor offense.

Benjaman Adams of Adams Fietz stepped in to defend him. We’re proud to say that Wood was cleared of all charges.

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