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Local business continue to feel the impact of the fires

Local Business is Hurting from The North Bay Fires

March 8, 2018
The devastating North Bay fires of October 2017 continue to impact even those businesses whose locations were not to destroyed by the flames, adding lost business income to the growing list of costs associated with the disaster. While those Santa Rosa businesses that were not among the 29 damaged or destroyed by the fires might consider themselves fortunate on that count, it does not mean they have gotten away completely unscathed. In fact, many local small business owners lost their homes to the fire, only to see their businesses—spared initially—struggle to survive in the aftermath.

While economic experts expect an uptick once re-construction begins in earnest—driven first by waves of construction workers and then by residents returning to their restored neighborhoods—the question for many small, local businesses is whether they can survive the wait, or whether they will have to close up shop, leaving it to some other company—perhaps a chain franchise—to reap the benefits once local economic activity inevitably returns.

Another problem impacting local business owners is the shortage of workers who live nearby, an existing concern only made worse by the thousands of units of local housing destroyed in the fires that have not yet been replaced. This influences not only the ability of companies to hire new workers, but also to proceed with previously planned projects and expansions.

For example, Brian Hunt, brewer and founder of Moonlight Brewing in Santa Rosa—one of the areas hardest hit by the fires—recently described to The Press Democrat how not only did his job placement ads now have to make it a requirement that applicants already live within commuting distance (due to the shortage of housing available for newcomers to the area) but he also has had to postpone construction work at his business due to the high cost of labor, asphalt, and concrete.

The full impact of these tragic fires will continue to reveal itself for years to come, making it all the more important that those responsible for the fires’ devastation are held to account and that victims are compensated for their losses. The expert attorneys at stand by ready to defend the rights of those who have lost so much to these potentially avoidable disasters. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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