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An internet search now reveals dozens of attorneys who claim to specialize in mass torts matters and whom practice in Sonoma County


November 9, 2017
An internet search now reveals dozens of attorneys who claim to specialize in mass torts matters and whom practice in Sonoma County. A search of the fine print or a visit to the "office" may reveal that the attorney maintains an ‘office’ in Santa Rosa which is visited on occasion from an attorney located elsewhere in the State or the Country. Many of the attorneys advertising their practice for fire victims are not local and will be gone as soon as they arrived. We are also seeing lawyers who had nothing to do with mass torts two months ago now hawking their wares as ‘experts’.

The law offices of Adams Fietz are local. Jeremy Fietz has practiced civil law in Santa Rosa for almost 20 years. The firm has been here for more than 5 years. We are one of the few firms in town who routinely and regularly take on giant corporations in mass tort actions.

Why hire a local firm for your fire case against PG&E? This is important to you for a number of reasons, including the following:

1. You can learn about the reputation of Adams Fietz and the quality of services provided by asking others who have resided in Sonoma County for a number of years. Locals know about us. They are unlikely to know anything about lawyers from other communities. Jeremy has the record largest wrongful death verdict in the County. Ben was voted the best criminal defense lawyer in Sonoma County in 2017 by the readers of the Bohemian. That’s who we are. Who are the other lawyers?

2. When you have an attorney who is truly local, you can see him whenever the need arises. You don't have to wait for an attorney to travel from somewhere else and you don't have to travel to meet with your attorney. If that is even possible……

3. A local attorney knows and can fairly judge the mood in the community and the likelihood of a favorable verdict being returned in fire cases.

4. We have practiced with some of the lawyers who are now the judges in Sonoma County and have known them for years both socially and through community activities. When lawyers become judges, they know which of their peers maintain the kind of integrity that deserves a judge's respect. A local attorney does not appear before a judge who knows nothing about him. An attorney who practices in Sonoma County is known to the Judge as is his or her reputation.

5. A local attorney values his reputation in the community and will go out of his way to prove that reputation is deserved. Nothing is more important to us, as local attorneys, than to maintain our reputation of being fair and honest with our clients and to achieve the best results possible on their behalf. We make our living with word of mouth referrals. Our usual advertising budget is $0.

6. A local attorney, like a local doctor or businessperson, does business here in Sonoma County, employs your friends and neighbors, spends his money and gives of his services here in Sonoma County. We live here. Our kids go to school here. We pay taxes here and employ locals.

7. Local attorneys have received the same training and education as those in other parts of the state. As successful attorneys, with a well established practice, we have equal, if not greater experience in the handling of litigation, than do attorneys in other parts of the state. It's simply not necessary to go out of town to retain an attorney if you are a fire victim.

9. Out-of-Pocket costs, such as travel expenses, including hotels and meals are often reimbursed out of your share of a recovery. You don't incur that expense when you hire a local attorney. Your local attorney can meet with witnesses, without incurring travel expenses and it is convenient for him or her to do so.

10. Adams Fietz is a litigation firm concentrating on personal injury matters and mass torts. We have the willingness and ability to take on PG&E. Call us for a free consultation.

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