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A free consultation can be very important before you hire a criminal defense attorney. Our main criminal defense attorney Ben Adams was voted “Best Criminal Defense Attorney” by the readers of the Bohemian. After you meet Ben, you’ll understand why.

If you’ve been accused of a crime and need a local criminal defense attorney, make sure to book a free consultation with Ben Adams before you make what could be the most important decision of your life.

Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney - Ben Adams

Ben’s experience fighting for the accused is second to none. His dogged determination and relentless work ethic have made Ben one of the most successful criminal defense attorneys in Santa Rosa.

With Ben on your side, you’re sure to have one of the most established, experienced and successful Santa Rosa criminal defense attorneys representing you.

Call 707-999-9999 and speak to Ben Adams if you’re in need of legal representation.
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Criminal Defense Attorney
Ben Adams

Ben Adams is an award winning Criminal Defense Attorney and was voted “Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Rosa” by The Bohemian.

Ben is passionate, relentless and experienced in all types of criminal law.

Criminal defense attorney Ben Adams is the type of trusted and experienced lawyer you need on your side when you have been charged with a criminal offense.

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