Effort To Revive Nursing Home Lawsuit is Stalled

Effort to Revive Texas Nursing Home Suit Stalls

September 22, 2017
An appellate court in Texas has declined to revive a lawsuit in which a nursing home has been accused of indirectly causing injuries to an elderly woman by transferring her without her consent. The court rule that the suit lacked an expert report and that the patient’s daughter had not made a sufficiently strong case that her now-deceased mother had suffered damages.

Patricia Shaw and her mother, Delois Shaw, initially filed the suit against Westbridge Nursing and Rehabilitation in Lancaster, Texas, in 2016. The initial suit alleged, additionally, that the facility withheld Delois’s Social Security check and suffered a fractured vertebra due to negligence.

An amendment to the suit asserted that Delois eventually died from the injuries caused by neglect at Westbridge.

Yet the suit was unable to be revived, the appeals court ruled, because of the lack of an expert report.

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