Wine county fires investigation update - PG & E

Evidence Mounts Against PG & E In Wine County Fires

November 1, 2017
As we have suspected from the very beginning of these fires, evidence is beginning to mount regarding PG&E’s possible role in the horribly destructive Wine Country fires. We have learned that PG&E reported at least 17 “electric safety incidents” across eight counties the night of the fires, blaming downed trees and heavy winds for damaging power lines and other equipment that is the focus of an investigation into the deadliest wildfires in California history.

California’s insurance commissioner has reported insured losses from the October blazes have now topped $3 billion and warned the number is “sure to grow.”

PG&E could be on the hook for this amount if it is found responsible for the fires. The utility company is responsible for maintaining its power lines and the vegetation around them to prevent wildfires.

PG&E reported downed power lines and broken trees on October 8-9 in at least four locations in Sonoma County, including in Kenwood, Santa Rosa, Glen Ellen and Geyserville. Fallen or broken trees damaged equipment in at least three locations in Napa County, and one near Ukiah in Mendocino.

Days after the fires, a review of emergency dispatch calls in Sonoma County was done. This review revealed that authorities had fielded a number of calls of power lines falling down and electrical transformers exploding.

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