Personal Injury Accident Lawyers - July 4 Holiday

According to the AAA, over 44 million people are driving 50 miles or more from home this July 4 weekend. This is more than 1 million people over 2016. The increase was caused in part, by Independence Day gas prices that have not been this low since 2005.

The July 4 holiday is the third most deadly time to drive, with an average of 312 fatal accidents a year between 2011 and 2015 on Memorial Day Weekend, followed by Labor Day Weekend (308 fatal accidents) and July 4th Weekend (307 fatal accidents).

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that, counter to what many drivers may think, good weather can be dangerous for driving conditions. There are two main reasons for this: first, drivers tend to think about their tires in the winter but heat is the enemy of tires. Under-inflated tires in summer months have caused many accidents.

Second, drivers are less careful when the weather is nice. A recent poll found that 81% of drivers said they were less likely to drive cautiously in the summer and 72% said they were less likely to pay close attention to other drivers than they do during winter months.

So, while you may feel safer in the summertime, statistics show that it is the most dangerous season for road accidents of the year. The upcoming July 4 holiday is a particularly bad time for accidents.

The Sonoma County personal injury attorneys at Adams Fietz urge you to make sure that you have adequate insurance, that you avoid driving while distracted and that you drive defensively. If you find yourself seriously injured after a car accident, call us for a Free Consultation.