New Jersey Nursing Home Settlement

A nursing home in New Jersey has agreed to pay nearly $900,000 to the United States and to the State of New York to settle allegations that it billed New York’s Medicaid program for substandard or worthless services. The settlement was announced on May 31 by acting U.S. Attorney General William E. Fitzpatrick.

Nursing home abuse – also known as elder abuse – is a growing problem in the United States. It can take many forms: physical, emotional, financial, even sexual. The attorneys at Adams Fietz believe that families who have loved ones in nursing homes must be vigilant in protecting them from the various forms of elder abuse. Fraudulent billing practices, such as those undertaken by this New Jersey facility, is one of the most common forms of the financial abuse of nursing home residents.

Andover Subacute and Rehab Center Services Two, Inc., a skilled nursing facility on Andover Township, N.J., agreed to pay $888,000 to settle the federal and state civil claims that, between July 2010 and December 2012, it fraudulently billed the Medicaid programs for poor or worthless services. The settlement decreed that the services were without value because they failed to meet “federal standards of care and federal statutory and regulatory requirements.”

According to the terms of the settlement, the deal is “neither an admission of liability by Andover nor a concession by the United States or New York that their claims are not well founded.”

Andover will pay $395,508 to the United States, and the remaining $492,492 to the State of New York.

As well, the Andover Township facility will enter into a “corporate integrity agreement” with the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, for the purpose of improving quality assurance and accountability.

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